Ministry Support

As with many Christian ministerial work, the christian friendly elementary education ministry can use the intervention of saints. And below are ways you can support its desired advancement.

Subscribe: Perhaps the simplest and affordable form of ministry support. While subscribing is primarily for your edification – to be notified of newly created/added Christian friendly elementry educational resources, it also marks audience growth which then works even more encouragement to us. So in the least, you would do great to remember to subscribe if you find our zeal ernest and evangelical.

Content sharing: Again if you find our zeal evangelical and worth a Christian attention, then you should consider share it with fellow Christians you are acquanted to in the name of Christian duty. While not regretting, we are unable to take advantage of social media channels for the reason accounted here. So thus sharing the work should make priceless difference.

Prayer: As with any other ernest minister of Christ, we should always appreciated support received in the form of ernest prayer of faith for the work to advance and gain a valid passage to the target audience – and bear true fruits of the Spirit.

Monentary support: The ministry currently receives no formal Church support, but relies largely on my personal capacity. And I also aim to distribute the Christian literature on this site freely so far as it should be possible. While I may ever be able to fund it thus, for as long I keep my current secular business, I desire to reach a stage in time where I could give up business (the sooner this may be the best) and ever be expended to this one work alone. Then should I have enough time-resource to commit to content “mass-production” so called.

Yes I am fully persuated that God can divinely fund, through Christ, any ministry that in ernest and evangelical . But I, however, am also mindful that the same can often be omitted by Him to thereby provision a platform for saints to lay themselves treasures in heaven through liberality in accordance to their abundances. And no selling advertisement space onsite is not a valid option. Especially through fallen networks like Google Adsense.

Hence, if you are a Christian who is convinced to have anything that can be expended in the course of the Lord, perceives the gap that this work/ministry seeks to fill and are above all willing to thus assist, then you may kindly contact concerning the same or use the button below to offer via Paypal, Debit or Credit Card (for Debit or Credit card donations, click the ‘Continue’ hyperlink on the next page – then complete and submit the card information form on the webpage that follows). You can also give to any of our help requests compaigns.