About this ministry

Under this particular sub-ministry, we mean to contribute to any existing Christian friendly educational resource library. By curating or creating – and then make available (as well as easily accessible) for mainly Christian parents looking to educate their Children through alternative channels such as homeschool or provate tutor centers due to lack of local access to evangelical Christian schools. While the same may of cause also be useable for traditional Christian school environments. If necessary, we are looking to compile complete sylabuses for elementary grades.

It’s true that there exist volumes and volumes of elementary educational resources. But many are as much compromized in several ways (especially pagan compiled resources). Loaded with a fallen man’s culture amongst other vanities and arogances. Making it hard to use for both Christian facilitators as well as learners. And this is a concern that is applicable to both traditional school, tutor centers as well as homeschool environment.

But it is no marvel when pagan compiled resource miss the Christian friendly mark – as it is not in them to bear godly virtue. We therefore wish to help in the bridging of this gap by creating (or promote the creation thereof) of educational resources that should be as Christian friendly in their approach/composition as possible. To thereby help ease a Christian’s eathly walk. You can read the likeChrist Ministries’ fuller story here.

Through all our kids oriented sub-ministries, the following are some of the questions we seek to answer:

  • How do our younger children (as Christian parents) pass their time on daily basis?
  • How do we keep them preoccupied when we have to be busy elsewhere?
  • What do they do when not at Sunday school or elementary?
  • What computer or phone games do we let them play?
  • What stories do they read or listen to (both at home as well as school?)
  • What video literatures do they pass their time watching?
  • Who (or what material) facilitates their elementary education?